Booking system (for cars with chauffeur)

Pick-up time

Boarding time

Arrival time

Pick-up or delivery location

Starting location

Ending location

Number of people confirmed

Adults over 12 years of age

Children under 12 years of age

Luggage volume

Luggage over 25 inches

Luggage under 25 inches

Value-added services

Child safety seat
  • Combi Coccoro
    HKD 61 /Day

  • Combi Joytrip
    HKD 55 /Day

  • Combi Buon Junior
    HKD 55 /Day

  • Combi Booster Seat
    HKD 42 /Day

  • Combi Neserutuen ISOFIX
    HKD 96 /Day

- The size of a 25-inch suitcase is about 43cm*64cm*32cm, or about 88 liters. That is, (43*64*32) / 1000=88 liters, based on the external measurements of the case. Luggage over 88 liters is considered large luggage.

- You need to note that for some seven or nine seater cars, there is no luggage space after the limit on the passenger number is reached. For the trunk volume, please refer to the car specifications.