Privacy policy

Gharry Car Rental attaches great importance to your privacy. Therefore, please peruse the privacy policy on this site, and understand how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your personal information.

Policy for authorization of privacy

The site protects the privacy of personal data, which means data that can clearly identify personal identity and that is unpublished (for example, full name, detailed address, telephone number, credit card data and e-mail address). If you do not authorize Gharry Car Rental to use it, please do not directly register, login, make inquiries or make appointments on our website. You also need to pay attention to the cookies setting on your computer which we cannot constrain.  

Your use of the site means your agreement with the current privacy policy published on this site. If you do not agree with the policy content, please do not provide your data on this site. If you choose not to provide personal data on the site, you will not be able to use part of the services, such as online consultation, the booking system, order inquiries, customer testimony, member points or receipt of our email.

The use of privacy policy

Some of the site’s functions may collect some or all of the personal data mentioned above. However, we guarantee that your personal data won't be collected simply because you enter the site, unless you voluntarily provide such personal data. When you provide personal data on this site, you authorize us to use your personal data according to the "privacy policy" above for replies to online consulting, booking inquiries, customer testimony, email notifications and our marketing and special discount notices. Your data will not be used by us for other businesses, or sweepstakes, advertising or promotional activities of other vendors or websites.

Copyright authorization policy

Some of the site’s functions may allow members to publicly upload and edit information. After you login as a member, please ensure that the graphics, images, texts and videos you upload do not infringe on others’ copyrights, and you will fully authorize us to use, publish or edit such information. If there is an infringement, you should bear all legal and compensation responsibility without our involvement.

The photos on the site were taken randomly in public. We are deeply sorry if we unintentionally include your image or other privacy, or intercept related photos for sharing or connection through other sites, and thus resulting in unintentional infringement of your copyright and causing you problems. In this case, please immediately send the content and your contact email to inform us in order to delete or correct the content.

Protection of privacy

We will take appropriate security measures, including encryption and physical security measures, on data collection, storage and processing to prevent unauthorized data access, tampering, disclosure or damage, and ensure no unauthorized access to our personal data storage system.

We only allow our customer service staff, contractors and agents who need to know such personal data to access such information and represent us to handle related matters. The personnel above are required to comply with the obligation of confidentiality, or may otherwise be subjected to disciplinary action, including dismissal and criminal prosecution.

Unless we are required to provide your personal data in accordance with the law, or due to search warrants, subpoenas, court orders or requests to cooperate with the police, we will not disclose member registration data to any third party.

Transfer of privacy policy

If there is any structure change, merger or transfer of Gharry Car Rental Co., Ltd., this privacy policy and members’ personal data will be transferred accordingly.

Changes in privacy policy

Gharry Car Rental reserves the right to change the "privacy policy". We will not reduce your rights under the "privacy policy" without your explicit consent.



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